Off Road Cycling round East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK

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These pages are an attempt to catalogue some of the available off road cycling routes that are accessible from East Grinstead. West Sussex. Note links to other local sites are embedded in this site, a summary of these links is also at the end.
These routes have been tried by myself, my wife and our two sons. We use various mountain bikes, my own bike has had to be modified since I have limited mobility in my left hip after a car accident some 20 years ago. My wife & myself only restarted cycling a few years ago in order to keep up with the boys! Since we live quite close to the Forest Way, this is the route that we use most often. In fact we use it as a way of getting to Weir Wood sailing club.

How to cycle through East Grinstead between the Worth Way & Forest Way

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---- Worth Way ---- Alternative route
---- Forest Way ---- Highams Wood
---- Busses Farm ---- Cansiron Farm
---- Kent Water ---- Circuit of Weir Wood
---- Dry Hill Circuit of Ashdown Forest
Other Routes further afield
The routes can be downloaded for a GPS as GPX files or as Quo project files. Click here to get Quo Software for free QUO

How to get through East Grinstead


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